Incorporate (and get non-profit status for) That Chapter! by Paul Prokop

Holding a Chapter Together by Lou Paliani

Votes taken & Results 2009-2014

01-2010-11-25 --- Expenditure-Grill Badge Agreement.pdf

02b-2011-01-10 --- Initiating a VTCI Recogntion Program.pdf

03-2011-01-10 --- Nomination of Dan Bishop as SC Regional Director.pdf 0

4-2010-02-03 --- Changes to Event Memberships - 3 Options.pdf

06-2010-03-10 --- Approval of Revised Constitution and Bylaws.pdf

2009-01-VR-Iverson Appointment-2009-10-20.pdf

01-2011-08-28-Advisory Concours rules revisions

     Concours rule change

10-2013 Affirmation Dan Bishop Public Relations Director



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