Another question - 62 Thunderbird Throttle Linkage

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Another question - 62 Thunderbird Throttle Linkage

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Okay.. so I've known from the get-go that something was up with my throttle linkage. The pedal only had about 1/2 inch of travel and I couldn't get the car to wide open throttle. So I took off the air cleaner and found.. well.. this..


Want a closer look? So did I...


So.. I'm guessing this is the kickdown for the transmission's passing gear (something I am also currently without) .. or would be if the little plastic piece was intact and the previous owner hadn't tried... whatever it is he was trying to do.

I've adjusted the long threaded rod that connects pedal and carb and now have a LOT more throttle travel and can actually run the engine up in revs (woohoo).. I'd like to correct the kickdown as well but I don't know what this is SUPPOSED to look like. Does anybody have pictures under their air cleaner of the throttle linkage or enough of a grasp of descriptive text to be able to describe it to me?
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throttle linkage

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Actuallt the setup is close to beinbg right. The nylon bushing is suppose to be locked into the bracket and the wire is not suppose to be there. I suspect the clip was not holding but you could bend it a bit and I think make it tighter.


On another subject you have the correct bracket that holds the kick down return spring to the carb stud. I do not. Does anyone know where I can get the proper bracket??
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